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Icon battles
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Battle of the icons!


Welcome to iconbattling! This icon challenge community is not like most others, let me try to explain: Every 2 weeks there will be a suggestion post where anyone can suggest themes for battles. These will then be included in a poll where everyone votes for the themes they're interested in having an icon battle with. The top 2 in the poll will get their battle posts where anyone can sign up with screencaps/whatever the battle requires. (These are 2 separate battles, you don't have to sign up to both, but if you want to, you can). The sign-ups will close 2 days later. There is a limit with 8 people per battle, if there were more there would be too much work for the mods. But don't worry, if you didn't get to sign up, you'll get the chance again 2 weeks later! After the sign-ups close, a new post with screencaps or themes (depending on what kind of battle it is) will be posted, where the participants will comment with their icons. The comments will be screened. You will have 1 week to make your icons. Only those who signed up can participate. After this there will be voting where people vote for their top 3 icons. Winners will be posted two days later.

• You must have signed up to a battle before the sign-ups close to participate in the battles
• Do not share your icons anywhere before the winners are posted
• Icons must be 100x100, under 40kb, gif, jpeg or png.
• Do not vote for yourself
• Have fun!
• This is a lot of information at once, so if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask one of the mods. :)


Theme suggestion post

WEDNESDAY 5pm est:
Poll with the suggestions

FRIDAY 5pm est:
Poll closes and a new post with battle sign ups for the top 2 from the poll will be posted.

SUNDAY 5pm est:
Battle sign ups close (they will close earlier if they reach the 8 people limit) and a new post with the screencaps/whatever is required to both battles are posted and only the people who signed up can submit their icons to this (screened) post.

NEXT SUNDAY 5pm est:
Deadline for the icons. Voting is posted.

Winners are posted.




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